Composer / Performer / Arranger

"The Rooster," song for viola and voice by Dina Maccabee. Performed January 2016, New Haven, CT.

"Northern Lights" from Land So Sweet, 2017, a collection of instrumental tunes adapted from Sweet Land, the Musical. Music by Dina Maccabee (violin, viola, mandolin), with Mark Orton, on guitar, dobro, and accordion. 

Jazz and Improvisation

"I Can See Infinity from Here," Nice Guy Trio, Sidewalks and Alleyways, 2011, Porto Franco Records. Rob Reich, Darren Johnston and Daniel Fabricant, with Mark Summer, Mads Tolling, and Anthony Blea, strings. Viola solo 2:46 - 3:45

"Pear, Acidic," Aaron Novik, Our Band Could Be As Serious As Your Life, 2013. Thorny Brocky: Marie Abe- keyboards. Dina Maccabee- violin. Kasey Knudsen- alto sax. Lisa Mezzacappa- upright bass. Jamie Moore- drums. Violin solo, 2:17 - 3:15

Fiddle / Folk / Eclectica

"Death Defying, featuring Dina Maccabee," Circus Bella All Star Band, 2011. Music by Rob Reich, with Rob Reich - accordion, Ralph Carney, Sylvain Carton, Tom Griesser - reeds; Dina Maccabee - viola; Henry Hung, Ian Carey - trumpet, Greg Stephens - trombone; Zachariah Spellman - tuba; Michael Pinkham, Beth Goodfellow - percussion

"Mistreated Mama" (0:00 - 2:05) and "Yew Piney Mountain," (2:06 - 3:18) played by Evie Ladin Band live at the Black Rose Acoustic Society, Colorado Springs, CO, 2010. Evie Ladin, banjo; with Keith Terry, bass; Erik Pearson, guitar; and Dina Maccabee, fiddle.


"Melodie Fantastique" by Japonize Elephants, 2012. Dina Maccabee, lead violin and vocals.

Chamber Music

"Machine," by Regina Spektor. Real Vocal String Quartet: Irene Sazer - violin and vocals, Alisa Rose - violin and vocals, Dina Maccabee - viola and vocals, Jessica Ivry - cello and vocals. Arranged by Alisa Rose.

"Samuel 1," Samuel Suite by Aaron Novik, 2008. Sara Jo Zaharako - violin, Alisa Rose - violin, Dina Maccabee - viola, Alex Kelly - cello

"Hocket" from Facing North by Meredith Monk. Arranged for solo viola and voice by Dina Maccabee, 2015

New Perplexity Daxophone Quartet. With Cleek Schrey, Daniel Fishkin, and Ron Shalom. 2017

Popular Music

"Betsy on the Roof," Julia Holter Band, Live on KEXP, 2015. With Julia Holter, Devin Hoff, and Corey Fogel

Recording session for Feist, Metals, 2011. With Chilly Gonzales and Real Vocal String Quartet.

Looping and Processing

"Someone Fearless" for viola + voice with Looping, 2017

"The World is in the Work," for viola and voice with processing. 2017