Sweet Land, the Musical

"Maccabee's lovely folk-flavored music captures the essence of rural life in 1920 Minnesota." - Talkin' Broadway

"A heart-warming and heart-winning piece of musical theater." - Pioneer Press

"Composer Dina Maccabee’s music is often evocative, poignant and, yes, sweet." - Minnesota Star Tribune

"The show glistens with memorable, hummable tunes that seem to correspond with the land itself." - Lavender Magazine


Original music by Dina Maccabee      Book by Perrin Post     Book & lyrics by Laurie Flanigan Hegge
Inspired by the short story A GRAVESTONE MADE OF WHEAT by Will Weaver and the film SWEET LAND by Ali Selim

Sweet Land, the Musical premiered April 29, 2017 at History Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota. Adapted from the 2005 film Sweet Land, the show is set against the backdrop of Minnesota's majestic farm country in the wake of World War I, with a contemporary score inspired by rural and immigrant tradition.


Land So Sweet is a collection of instrumental tunes adapted from the music of Sweet Land, the Musical. Produced and performed by the collaboration of Sweet Land, the Musical composer Dina Maccabee with Sweet Land (the film) composer Mark Orton, the album invokes the pastoral atmosphere of both versions, featuring Maccabee's melodies played by Dina and Mark on violin, guitar, and accordion. The album includes instrumental versions of highlights from the show including "Northern Lights," "Land So Sweet," "Ducks Dream," "Frozen Fields," and more.