The World is in the Work (August, 2017), songs for viola + voice and electronics is available on BandCamp!

Land So Sweet is a collection of instrumental tunes adapted from the music of Sweet Land, the Musical, co-produced with Sweet Land (the film) composer Mark Orton. Featuring Dina on violin, viola and mandolin, with Mark on guitars, piano, and accordion.

MINUS ZERO Recordings: ALL PROCEEDS FOR THIS RELEASE DONATED TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Created in collaboration with choreographer Teresa Heiland, 2016 for an original dance work, "Tethered," exploring themes of communication inspired by dance notation.


A cappella duet meditations on the movement of bodies, on a historical scale and in the present moment. Originally composed for choreography by Amy Seiwart/Imagery, 2013. Composed and performed by Dina Maccabee and Jesse Olsen Bay. 

The original Dina Maccabee Band, in collaboration with guitarist / bassist Toby Summerfield of Never Enough Hope and Ex Eye. A complete package of Dina's trademark sweet-snarky-sad songs, with bonus indie-rock vibes! 

A collection of RVSQ's signature folk-inflected quartet arrangements and original compositions, with inspiration from Appalachia and Brazil. RVSQ's lineup included Irene Sazer, Alisa Rose, Dina Maccabee, and Jessica Ivry. Produced by Lee Townsend at Fantasy Studios, 2012. 

Ramon & Jessica's most ambitious recording venture, adding the warm sounds of current and former Bay Area greats like Dave Mihaly, Daniel Fabricant, Eric Kuhn, and Marie Abe to R&J's unique tunes and vocal harmonies. Recorded at Hyde St. Studio C by Scott McDowell in 2011.

The beginnings of the solo project... songs composed as Artist in Residence at Byrdcliffe Art Colony, Summer 2012

With cinematic melodies, surf guitar, spy soundtracks, Appalachian fiddling, lush string arrangements, knee-slapping banjo, country ballads, eastern modes, 4-part vocal harmonies, Mariachi flair and a heavy jazz influence, the new Japonize Elephants album is an inimitable take on the modern American experience.

DINA CAN ALSO BE HEARD ON THESE GREAT ALBUMS BELOW! (for sale by the the respective artists)