CRAWL, WORM debut weekend

This weekend I will be performing original songs orchestrated for viola with effects, electric guitar, and drumset. The music ranges from ambient textural contemplations to jaggedly interrupted folk tunes, with some surprising (even to me) stops in between. 

I will be playing viola, at times filtered through a palette of twisted loops and effects, and singing, and I'm honored to be joined on stage by the very sensitive and brave interpreters Ron Shalom on guitar and Jacob Shandling on drums. 

In preparing these performances I've been thinking a lot about the reasons for putting in the time and effort it takes to do a good job and realize an aesthetic vision. And the truth is... I don't have a real good answer I can put into words. But do I know that to do the act is to ask this question in good faith, and I would love to have there to see what we discover together.

I'm not alone in this! On Saturday 4/28, at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg, my 5pm set will be preceded at 4pm by Ron Shalom's solo project, Minivan. It's pop, it's performance art, it's drag, it's profound, it's entertaining, it's AMAZING. I can't recommend seeing Minivan highly enough, and you guys know I'm damn picky. Don't miss it.

On Sunday evening, 4/29, at 7pm at H0l0 in Ridgewood, I've curated a bill of wide ranging string inventors, including:

Jessica Pavone - solo viola / voice

Sarah Bernstein's UNEARTHISH - violin, poetry, percussion

Darian Thomas - violin