The Musician's Guide To #Tourlife

Tour Diary, May-June 2016

Departure. Flight attendants allowed upright bass on board, with the condition that the bass player take over in-flight beverage service while they do coke in the lavatory. In other words, no surprises.

Arrival in picturesque Swiss town. Entire per-diem spent on travel-size tissue packet and a bottle of water. 

Pretty cool festival, got to see Boredoms finally!!! But morale weakened due to lack of free stuff being distributed to musicians. We were pretty sure we were entitled to some free stuff. Though we are not sure why.

Thursday, I think:
Arrival in Spain, ¡finalmente my first time there! Spanish roadside rest areas were everything I imagined. Forgot to spend pocket full of Swiss change worth like $50. Drove over a tall bridge.

We got to see Radiohead! A big thank you to H&M, Heineken and Ray Ban, it's so awesome how they still subsidize the arts over in Europe. I've heard Barcelona is really cool, which I can now neither confirm nor deny.

8 AM soundcheck for a 1 AM set is sort of like calculus... I know I was prepared for this task once, but wayyyy too much time has passed.  

What the f happened to Sunday? 

All roads through central France blocked due to flooding. Attempts to ask for alternative routes were foiled by the profound unpronounceability of the word "Rouen"  by Americans. All good, tour manager built emergency suspension bridge out of drum hardware and gaff tape.

Wednesday. (Wait, again, already really?):
We saw an epic cathedral, the one painted by Impressionists, through car window for at least 2.5 seconds. Luckily we had good enough phone service to pull up the Wikipedia entry. Laundry tho! be continued...